A Best Friend

Isn’t someone you’ve known for the longest or have everything in common with. Sometimes it’s the person that is the exact opposite of you. But despite that, the two of you can sit and talk about everything and anything. The best is when time and distance means nothing. Even if you haven’t talked in a while because you’re too busy with life or whatever, none of that matters. When you get the chance, you can talk for hours without running out of topics and there’s no lingering awkwardness.

Even in a group, there is always the two that are closer. That doesn’t mean you can’t have more than one best friend. In a group, there’s always going to be someone who knows something about you another person might not. Life often gets in the way. So it shouldn’t matter who knows what first. Don’t let jealousy cloud your thoughts and effect your friendship.  The most important thing in any relationships is trust and communication.

Sadly, there are those best friends that have moved on and decided they didn’t want you in their life. The history is always going to be there. Don’t let one decision dictate what the friendship was and wan’t. Try not to be bitter toward those past best friends. They did what was best for them and didn’t mean to hurt you. It was an unavoidable decision. Wish them the best and cherish all the memories you shared.

I’m not sure still be here without the friends in my life. They’re such incredible people and I’m lucky to have them in my life. I always thought I was fine on my own. Growing up as an only child was lonely. It didn’t help that I always felt like the black sheep in my family. There was a time in my childhood where most of my family didn’t even like me. I was bullied because as an only child, they thought I was spoiled and that made them envious. But what they didn’t see was how alone I was. I was never really good at making friends (I’m still not), so I was constantly playing alone or was bullied for being by myself. It wasn’t until I got older that I truly understood the value of friendship. I’m actually still learning because I’m always shocked to learn how I could mean something to someone and how deeply I can care for them as well.

S trust that your best friend(s) is/are your best for a reason. Also, remember that it’s the quality, not the quantity that matter most.

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