A friend of mine made a really good point last night. Why are buns on men called “man buns” while on a woman, it’s just a bun?

Is it sexist? We came to the conclusion that it is. My theory is that men having their hair in a bun wasn’t a common trend until very recently. And because it wasn’t common, it was differentiated to put more attention towards males that dare to do something different with their hair.

I know a few people that absolutely love a good bun on a guy (me included). There’s something artsy about them, sometimes even rugged and my oh my is it attractive.

Although I have to say when I see a guy with a bun, I get just a little envious at how perfectly it sits on his head. I think we females understand the difficulties of getting the bun to sit just right. Don’t even get me started on the struggles of a “messy bun.” For a messy bun, it sure takes a lot of effort.

Moral of this little blurb, “man buns” should just be called buns. Sure, “man bun” is catchy and slides off the tongue but a hairstyle shouldn’t be gender specific. There’s nothing wrong with a man wearing his hair in a bun. I firmly believe men that can pull off the look should 100% put it up. I’ll even give you a hair tie if you show me how you’ve mastered the art of a perfect bun!

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