Just a Crush

Have you ever had crush on someone but don’t want it to go any further?

You like the person, but you don’t necessarily want to date them. They’re fun to talk to and flirt with but the idea of getting serious with them doesn’t cross your mind. I have a crush I wouldn’t date seriously.

I find him attractive enough but it’s the conversations we have that I enjoy the most. He makes the day less boring and by the time I leave, I’m in a much better mood then whatever crap I had to put up with during my shift.

I used to think crushes had to mean more and probably led to more. However, the current state of our relationship is perfect. We flirt and banter if neither of us are busy then go our separate ways. I like that there’s no expectation of more on either of us. I think he does too. I think we’d be great friends if we ever took the friendship out of the work place. Although, that has an appeal of its own.

It’s like having friends and work friends. At work, you’re cool and content hanging out with people you get along with but the friendship doesn’t run deeper. The kind of friendships you look back on and think, “oh, good times” but it’s not heartbreaking to be away or out of touch with them. Completely different then that friends that I talk to on a daily basis. I find the need to text them and see if they’re okay whereas my work friends, well I don’t even have their numbers.

Back to the whole crush thing. I don’t know if the crush is mutual but it feels nice not having to overthink something. We’re work friends and I happen to crush on him but I don’t need to worry about ulterior motives. I don’t need or want anything from him. His conversation is give or take. I enjoy them and on some days, the lack of conversation doesn’t both me. If I actually dated the guy, I would want constant conversation and would probably need the constant reassurance that I’m the only person he’s with.

So it feels good not having to worry about that. Not analyzing every little thing or caring too deeply. It’s a meaningless crush. I didn’t think those existed until now.

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