It’s confusing. Too much stress is bad, but stress can be good.

I know with looming deadlines and due dates, I’m more likely to stay focused and get my work finished. But when I’m stressing about it too early, like a good week before anything is due, my procrastination levels are high and my motivation to get it finished is nonexistent.

But as many students know, college is a whole new level of stress. I wrote about being overwhelmed before, well stress is definitely a factor of it. Everything seems to creep up on you. Assignments, quizzes, exams, projects. You name it. You plan out time to get each thing done but sometimes you don’t finish when you’re supposed to or you’re forced to rely on someone to complete their part before you can finish yours. Then all a sudden, there’s no time to do anything let alone study for that exam you really need to pass.

It makes you just want to pull your hair out. Life can be difficult enough without adding school into the mix. Let’s not even mention the stresses of friendships, relationships, and that awful thing called the future. As students, we’re supposed to somehow balance everything and get enough sleep at night. How? There are only so many hours in the day and it seems like every hour is already occupied with assignments you need to do or responsibilities you need to keep.

Life in all is stressful. One stressful event after another then if there’s nothing, you’re stressing over the fact that there’s nothing to stress over. I feel that all the stress we overcome makes us better people. We know the struggles others might be going through and can offer advice. While we’ll never truly understand how another feels, we can always lend a hand or offer a shoulder to lean on.

I think we, as humans, need stress. It reminds us that we have the capacity to care and worry about things around us. It’s part of what makes us such complex beings. It certainly makes life interesting.

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