Dear Goober,


I want to thank you for being in my life and for giving me the chance to get to know you better. I always wanted to write you a letter like I did with at least once for everyone in our group but I never know what to say.

I also want to add how amazed I am with your artwork. I’m always surprised by what you come up with. Well, except for the one time I went on your computer and what was open was an animated, moving penis that you recently made. That was interesting. I think it’s awesome that you want to make games and I hope you eventually get around to that. You procrastinate too much. Bad Goober.

AND thank you for always giving me such blunt advice. I know you think you’re socially inept sometimes but I think you’ve grown a lot from your high school days. You don’t seem extremely shy anymore, especially when you’re out with everyone. You’re improving your social skills constantly and I don’t think you realize that. You have to realize how fun you are to be around. Sure, you don’t talk a ton but it seems like you always know just what to say and when to say it. Whether it be a comment that makes everyone laugh or when I’m in need of honest advice. You’re really good at that. Giving people unbiased advice.

I hope you continue to improve your social skills and that you eventually get to making a game or a gaming company. I feel like you could do great things even if it’s behind the scenes. You’re so intelligent, if only you’d stop procrastinating… Well, who am I to speak? I’m right there with you.

Anyways. I hope you have an awesome birthday and thank you for being in my life with amazing person you!

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