Do you ever just look at your pet and think, wow I love you and I would die for you. Because same.

I love my pup. He’s a year old German Shepherd named Koga. He has some behavioral problem because he was taken from his mother and littermates far too early but had I not taken when I did, he would have been adopted by someone else. We’re slowly working through the problems but I believe he’s just an energetic puppy.

He’s helped me through a lot of bad times last year. Taking care of him gave me purpose when I was depressed and didn’t want to do anything. He came into my life and changed it. Sure, he’s frustrating and sometimes doesn’t understand that his jumping and excitedness can cause pain but he means well. There were many, so many times that I wanted to give him up.

You see, when he was a puppy, he was very anxious. He had separation anxiety and would make a mess of everything while I was at school or work. I didn’t start crate training him until I really had to. Every night I came home from work, there was a disaster of a room I had to clean. Not to mention that I had to get up extremely early to care for him and get ready for class. Potty training was the hardest part. Any pet owner, of dogs specifically understand this. For those two months of potty training, I didn’t sleep. I already have pretty bad insomnia (you can probably tell from me posting so late at night). I’m lucky that he picked up potty training quickly. It was rough though.

I’m not surprised though. He’s an incredibly smart pup. And yes, even though he’s a year old, he’s still a puppy. He will forever be a baby in my eyes. So yeah, there were some really rough days where I questioned why I thought it was a good idea to get another dog.

See I’ve had at least two other dogs as I was growing up but I never really formed a connection with them. They were more like my mom’s dogs rather than mine. I was expected to take care of them of course but it was my mom that they saw as their owner. I didn’t realize this until I got Koga. Koga is truly mine. He sees me as a replacement for his mom and he’s very protective of me. German Shepherd are known for their protective nature but Koga won’t leave my side for anything. Not even at the dog park (hopefully that changes because he should be running and playing with other pups).

I remember one time I had gotten back from being at the hospital all day because I had a procedure done. I was really tired and after letting him out, we went straight to bed. The next morning, I was very groggy and couldn’t get up to let him out so my mom was coming into my room to let him out and he growled at her and chased her out of my room. When he was satisfied that she was far enough, he came running back and gentle laid over me watching the open door the entire time. It was really something. He knows my mom and sees her as part of his pack (Shepherds are generally pack animals, or so I’m told). Yet he tried to attack her for coming into my room.

There’s nothing in the world like the bond you have with your animal. Your pet. Whatever you’d like to call him. Koga is family to me. He’s my baby. People who have never truly established a bond with an animal couldn’t possibly understand. My dad certainly doesn’t. He’s always telling me to give Koga away and focus on school. But my dad doesn’t understand that Koga helps me through so much stress and anxiety. There were so many days that I wanted to do absolutely nothing but knowing that Koga needed me. So I got up and cared for him and it made me feel better.

He’s never failed to brighten my day and there’s nothing/nobody in this world that I could love more.

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