It seriously irritates me when someone says that they were too busy to answer my message(s). No, you weren’t.

It takes maybe a second to answer a message. It only takes a fucking second to text and says that you’re busy, that you’ll talk to me when you get a chance. And no, it’s not the same thing as the excuse of being too busy to reply later on. Communication is the key to any kind of relationship. If you’re my friend, I expect you to answer me. If you’re my boyfriend, I expect you to answer me. If you have a place in my life, I expect you to answer me. I hate being ignored.

I know it’s not always the case of being ignored and perhaps just being focused on something but you can just tell me that. I’m an over-thinker. I will come up with every reason possible as to why you’re not answering me and nine times out of ten, they’re not good conclusions. I’m going to assume I did or said something wrong unless you tell me otherwise. It has a lot to do with my own insecurities, but as a person in my life (and there aren’t many that I care about the same way) you know me. You know I’m going to worry. And knowing me the way you do, you freaking know that if you tell me you’re busy and will talk to me later I’ll absolutely be cool with it. I won’t be mad or catch an attitude.

Show me you care enough about me to take TWO DAMN SECONDS out of your “busy” day to let me know that you’re busy and will talk to me later. Don’t come at me hours or even a day later telling me you were busy. No. That’s just an excuse. You didn’t want to give me a heads up. You didn’t respect me enough to let me know what’s going on.

The truth of the matter is that people who care about you will make time for you. People that want you, will make time for you. People that care about you, will make time for you. People that love you, will make time for you. Are you seeing the pattern? Are you sure? Go back and read it again. Don’t forget it because those treating you any less probably shouldn’t hold the position they do in your life.

I get that sometimes people do get busy and they just forget. But forgetting every single time? I don’t think so. There are some people in my life I know will forget because their day is pretty hectic. And how do I know that? Because they’ve communicated with me way beforehand and I can put two and two together. I’d never hold it against them. There are plenty of times where I forget to answer or thought already had. The difference is that the people in my life know me well enough to know that I can be really scatterbrained. That or I just fell asleep, as an insomniac, I sleep whenever I fall asleep because I need to. They also know to just text me again and again until I answer or to just call me if it’s important. Generally, though, I’ll just let them know that I’m likely going to fall asleep or I’m doing something that requires my full attention. And they know I’ll text or whatever when I’m free.

The fact of the matter is that there has to be a mutual respect. Understanding that communication the most important. Let me know what’s going on in your life. I’m clueless otherwise. And as someone you care about, you should just want to tell me things without me having to ask all the time. I just want to know that I matter you know? I need reassurance sometimes.

I need to know that you do care enough about me to include me in your life. That you actually care about having me there. It’s not that difficult yet it’s easily one of the biggest reasons why people don’t work out or grow apart. They don’t talk enough or they don’t really put effort into it because they believe the other person will just always be there.

If someone’s important to you, let them know. Even if you think they already know. It doesn’t hurt to remind them that they mean something to you and that you appreciate them being in your life. It takes one message to let them know and it doesn’t cost you a thing. But it does help your relationship and I’ve already stressed the importance of the relationships in our lives. Hold on to those that matter to you and make sure you mean the same to them as they do to you. Otherwise, stop wasting your breath on people that will use you and take advantage of you every chance they get. You deserve better.

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