Reading the Mood

Do you ever just have a bad day and someone comes along all happy-go-lucky and you just want to punch them in the face?

I’m not often in a bad mood but when I am, it’s very obvious. I can school my facial features if I’m feeling anything else, but when I’m angry? It’s very apparent.

So I was feeling annoyed, like on the verge of being pissed the other day. A friend of mine  ends up calling (not because I was annoyed). He immediately starts telling me about how happy he is about this new girl he’s talking to. And that’s great. I’d never being someone down just because I’m in a fowl mood. But the more the person spoke, the more I wanted to hang up. Because yes, I’m happy for you but right now I’m miserable and it’s very clear but you’re not seeing that because you’re blind by your own happiness. And honest to God, that’s okay. I’m happy you’re happy but right now, I’m not in the mood to talk.

As the conversation continued, not once did he ask me what was wrong. And that added to my horrible mood. Usually I have no problems with people calling me just to talk about themselves. I actually enjoy it. I love hearing that my friends are happy or something happened and they need someone to just listen. I’m happy to be that person. But sometimes, you just need that for yourself.

There are just times where I’d like him also pay attention to what’s going on with me. Just from time to time, ask me how I’m feeling. I know he didn’t mean to, but it felt like he was rubbing his happiness in my face. I know, I know, that’s ridiculous. But when you’re upset or annoyed or whatever negative, you’re just unreasonable you know? Nothing makes sense but it feels like the world is just against you.

So when my friend called, he didn’t ask how I was despite my obvious annoyance. He continued to ramble on and on about his new relationship. And that hurt. Knowing that I’m not in the best place in my love life and I was just feeling crappy overall, he just continued to brag. And he expected me to be happy for him. And I was. I truly was until he just kept going on and on about they same thing. How many times to have to repeat that I’m happy for you? I understand you’re happy. You really don’t have to repeat it.

Eventually my mom comes to where I am in the house and starts arguing with me again. Most people close to me know that my relationship with my mom isn’t the best. We butt heads a lot and usually just avoid spending too much time in each other’s company. So I’m actually on FaceTime with my friend while I’m in a screaming match with my mom. And that’s awkward for anyone. Afterwards, he makes a stupid comment that I know was meant to cheer me up but this is literally right after I got done arguing. So hung up.

If I’m feeling some type of way, I’m not in the mood to explain or talk. I don’t want to play or joke around while I’m pissed. And at this point, I was pissed. I understand that some people just aren’t good with confrontation or even comforting (oh lord is he bad at comforting). Except he didn’t even try to make the effort. My friend decided that a comment would just cheer me up and we could go back to talking about his new relationship. I’ve told him time and time again that when I’m feeling like that, I just want to be left alone. Him being who is he, when he wants to talk, he’ll just keep talking. I just don’t understand how he couldn’t just read the mood. It’s not the time to talk. You need to either leave me alone for a while or listen to be vent all my frustration.

It’s so, so, so freaking important to read the mood before really going into details about whatever it is you want to talk about. I understand that when you’re excited or whatever, you just want to tell someone. But sometimes, you have to let the person be a little selfish because they might not be feeling great or they not not be having the best day. Friendships, like relationships, isn’t always 50/50. Sometimes you have to give the other person more simply because they need it.

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