Strange Chronicles 1:4

Either we admit it or not, there’s a particular thing that we all desire. Something that we run to when life happens. I call it the escape. Well, this might come in form of a lover or a thing or a place, but we all have it. If you don’t think you have one, you are wrong. You have one; you just haven’t found it yet. This escape is like the happy place. Something that makes a person feel alive. That makes you feel like you are finally living. It is what makes a person feel like he or she is flying without leaving the ground. When the test of time comes along, the escape is what people normally think of in order to escape reality for a second or minute or hours. No matter how long they spend with this safe haven, there is an assurance that their pain would be numbed for that period of time. Good right? No, it’s not always good. There are bad escapes too. For many people who are highly established in their bad escapes, they will do anything to get to their escapes no matter the pain they have to get through. A man who became an alcoholic in order to forget his pain of losing his job and his unborn child. Who dares to tell him to break-up with his newly found friend? A boy who starts writing in order to numb the pain of being an orphan has an escape. So is a woman who turned to drugs in order to numb the pain of being raped at a young age. The same thing with an individual who turns to religion because he or she just can’t make sense of the complexities of life. What about the girl who just can’t seem to get the incompatibility with her boyfriend? Because what he makes her feel is unlike what anyone can ever make her feel? All these people have escapes that help them to get through their pains. All these pains are different in their own ways. However, it would be disrespectful to say that one pain is more than the other. Sidenote: We do that so often in today’s society. We like to compare things so much that we have started comparing our struggles too. Maybe one person’s struggle might out-struggle the other person’s struggle (No, I don’t think out-struggle is a word). Anyway, you never know what the person sitting next to you might have gone through or might be going through or will go through. People are the way they are for a reason. That old man might be right anyway. He said that there are no good or bad people; only miserable and joyful people exist. Some people are able to manage their pains better than others. Why? Is it because they are better people? Is it because they are good looking? Maybe it is because they are smart? Or it might be because they have more people around them as a support? Is it because they have money? No. It’s because of none of the above. People who are lucky enough to manage their pains better than others only do so because their escapes serve them well. If people only manage pains because of money, looks, brain or the amount of people they know, then famous celebrities wouldn’t commit suicide so often, would they? If you don’t have an escape, find it. It might be the difference between living and dying while one is alive.



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