Strange Chronicles 2:1

“Everybody wants to change the world but no one knows where to start” That quote has been ringing in my ears but I can’t point a finger to where the source is. Maybe you can help me to find that out. Anyway, there was a time in my life when I worked with kids (fortunately and unfortunately). I asked them what they would love to be when they grow up. Their eyes lit up after I asked. They were all so excited to answer the question. Some of them wanted to be a super-hero. You know, like spider-man and batman and superman. One even told me that he wants to be a President. While I wasn’t totally surprised by the answers I got, considering that they are kids and they are innocent, their attitude was interesting to me. At first, I was optimistic about the fact that these kids are excited to make a difference in one way or the other. But then I came to the sad realization that life is going to hit them one day. Reality will soon dawn upon them and all of them won’t be as enthusiastic about the future as they are now. For some, the future that they are excited about won’t be as exciting anymore. A change will happen to them in one way or the other and the same future that they are currently optimistic about would become their greatest fear. So here is my question for you, the reader. What changed you, that somehow affected your dreams? What happened to you that made your dreams less special? Why are you now going with the motion? I believe a life that’s not lived is a wasted life. We are all on this planet to make a difference in one way or the other. We all have a common purpose of loving each other and helping to make the world a better place for one another. We can all change the world. A person who travels the world to help the sick people in the less developed countries isn’t more or less of a saint than the person who is devoted to empowering a small community. And that person also isn’t more or less of a saint to the person who is concerned with saving animal habitats. What about the person that gave few minutes of her time to listen and be there for an individual that’s depressed and might possibly commit suicide? All these people are changing the world in their own little ways. Same way, we can all change the world if we are devoted to loving the people around us in the best way that we know how to. You don’t need to be the President or a member of the United Nations to make a change. Instead of looking for the light, I dare you to be the light. The world is an adventure, so why live it by being stuck in a boring place? The best way to truly have a fulfilled life is by making a good difference in at least one way. Explore the world. Dream big. While doing that, never forget to love with all your heart. Yeah, I know people are assholes but it pays off in the end. Mainly because a person that loves with the heart doesn’t need to be paid back to be happy. The happiness resides in the fact that the person loves to love.

Xie Xie, Stranger

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