Valentine’s Day

It’s not until next week but I hope everyone that celebrates it has a good day. And for those that don’t really care, same.

I never really got the point of Valentine’s Day. I know that makes me sound like a hater but I promise I’m not. I love love. I love seeing people happy in their relationships and their happiness over things their significant other does/gets them for Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’m not huge on the “holiday” because I’m really low-key. Yeah, materials are nice but I don’t need them. I don’t want extravagant gestures. It just sounds expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re lovely. It’s also fun to see.

To a point, I understand that need to do something special. Loving someone can really overwhelm you sometimes. You appreciate them, everything that they are. The way they care about/for you, their patience with you, the time and effort they give you. One thing you can never get back is time. So those moments spent with that person that makes your heart beat just a blip faster? Worth every second.

When you love someone so much, I get that you want to spoil them, make sure they’re taken care of every way possible. And maybe sometimes words aren’t enough to express that. I know the words get stuck in my throat all the time. Although saying it aloud scares the crap outta me because then it would be true (another post, for another time).

The point of this isn’t an anti-Valentine’s post. The point that I’m failing to get at is that you don’t need a special day to celebrate love. It’s an everyday thing and it doesn’t always have to be grand gestures. It’s in the smallest things. Like opening a bottle before handing it to you, even when you’re absolutely capable of doing it yourself. Or casually nudging you to the inside of the walkway. Please don’t always hold out hope for grand gesture or expensive materials. Look at everyday things. That’s where you really see love.

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, I hope you have an amazing time and never forget that you are loved. Maybe not always by the person you hoped for but there is love all around you.

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I never got the point of any holidays till I got older.

    realizing that the holidays are only here to make rich corporation richer.

    destroying people in poverty more and breaking up family’s around Christmas time.

    in many ways…

    in other words it’s all bullshit.

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    • That’s definitely an opinion. I love holidays.
      It brings people together. There’s a lot to say about that too but I try to focus on just the positive aspects. Regardless, holidays are going to happen whether you celebrate or not. Why not enjoy the festivities, ya know?


      • I just focus on me and others that feel like me.

        or come from were I’m from seeing our reality.

        everybody doesn’t have a whole family to go home to.

        Or the funds to come up with certain holiday.

        government assistance works but it’s still not enough to support
        everybody who needs it.

        and I’m only speakin on my reality experiences.

        it’s not about positivity aND negitivity…

        It’s about haves and have nots…

        “lol and not the show”…

        Now don’t get me wrong.

        I deffenetly understand
        how you feel about

        but all im saying is…

        when it comes to holidays there is major pros and cons for others….

        I Trully respect your opinion…

        And I’m not being negative”

        😑👈 n ya ….

        that’s my face right now….” hahaha!


      • No I absolutely get you. There’s a lot of sadness when holidays come around for me but that’s not what I think about.
        It’s not about spending money or circumstances out of your control.
        As I said in my post, however you decide to spend it, I hope you enjoy.
        You have to find the good aspects, even if they’re minuscule.


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