Strange Chronicle 2: 3

Dark times. Those are the times when nothing makes sense anymore. The times when you just can’t help but ask why it’s all happening to you. The times when it feels like the walls are caving in on you. These are the times when it feels lonely. And don’t you just hate the fact that no one really truly feel what you feel inside? However, these are the times when we have to dig deep in order to find something to hold on to, in order not to lose who we are. It’s never easy, but whatever we hold on to is what will keep us afloat during the test of time. What if we all feel empty inside? If so, we should all be able to support each other even if we don’t fully understand the feelings, right?. We can be there for each other. No matter the troubles or the problems, we can support each other through it all. Thorns, storms, whatever it is , we can be there for each other.

But in order to save someone else, I have to save myself. Unfortunately, they don’t understand. So am just going to be alone and alienate myself from the world and just hope. Hope, as time passes and the tears roll down my cheeks. These are my dark times, my dark moments, my dark thoughts, my dark flaws. But will I let these times define me? No. I will rise. I will fight. And I will conquer. It’s never too late but you have to give all you have from this moment. With focus and determination, you should pick yourself up, dust yourself up, lace yourself up, and strive for the top. And no, don’t give up until the day you are able to say with full pride and happiness……. I made it

Grazie, Stranger.

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