Strange Chronicles 2: 6

If you die today, would you be happy with how you have lived or you would wish you have lived more? Even if the situations you have gone through were constant, would you still have lived more? Sometimes, people go through situations that are out of their control and that’s okay. However, the way we react is what makes the difference most of the time. Many times, we humans are so caught up in the stress and the toils and the struggles of life (Trust me, i know).

We are so caught up that we forget to acknowledge the magic and the beauty of life. Life is the most interesting thing ever. It is beautiful. As much as I would totally recommend traveling for everyone (btw, I would love to hear about the different traveling experiences of you guys in the comment section. Who knows? Might write something about it in future), you don’t have to travel to experience the magic of life. The birth of a new born is a wonder to behold. That moment when someone who has lost all hope in achieving something finally achieves it, that’s magical. I think we should all learn to take a second out of each day to acknowledge the fact that we are alive. One way or the other, you have been through the worst and the best that life can offer you and you are still alive. If you have never experienced any bad part of life, I have a good news for you. You will soon experience it. And if you have never experienced the good part of life. I also have a good news for you. You will soon experience it. This combination of good and bad is what makes life worth living. Without one or the other, life cannot be truly lived. A life without bad is boring. A life without good is pathetic. So cherish every single moment. Love harder. Laugh brighter. Cry deeper. Take risks. Express yourself. Learn passionately. Dream a dream so big it scares you (and work towards it, so you don’t end up looking dumb at the end). Face your fears. Fail miserably. And more importantly, live happily. You see, we humans are so rigid. We hold this life like we will never die. That expression, “you only live once” is wrong. You live everyday and die once. Also, life is not short. Life is literally the longest thing that can happen to a human being. However, that’s not an excuse to live miserably. The value of a life lived in not in the length of living but in the purpose of living. A young kid that died while fighting for the good of the people lived a more valuable life than an old person who never helped in making the world a better place in one way or the other. Now, I am not inciting violence at all. There’s nothing bad in setting plans in place for tomorrow. However, making the best out of today is the only way to prepare for tomorrow. I believe that the purpose of all of us on earth, no matter the belief, is basically to make the world a better place in one way or the other. How we achieve it is what makes the difference. The only way to do this is through our service to each other. Why wait till you start your career before you do so. Why wait till you become famous till you do so. You should never get tired of service. The world needs it. I believe there’s always a chance to change the world. A person that waters and protects a plant so that it can grow is changing the world. So is the person that is making a difference in the community. No amount of service is too great or too small. Great people like Martin Luther King, Madiba, and Malcolm X all were proactive in their act of service. And lastly, never forget to do all these with a heart full of love.

P.S, don’t forget to share your travelling experiences below. Will be happy to read all of them



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