Head in the Clouds

I love taking pictures of things that make me feel something. My favorite subject has always been sky or the galaxies beyond it. There’s something calming about it.

I was in Savannah, Georgia a week or so ago (depending on when this blog is scheduled), and my family was talking about my nephew’s Doljabi. If you’ve never heard of it, I’m almost positive it’s a Korean tradition. It’s basically putting objects that represent different careers in front of a baby one their first birthday.

I think it’s pretty interesting. Kind of like even as a baby you have a natural affinity towards something. I don’t put much stock into it, but I think it turned out pretty accurate for me and my one cousin. Apparently she picked up a hairbrush, then a mirror, which sounds like her absolutely. She’s pretty vain and because of it, we don’t get along (read about that here).

According to my birth giver, I picked up a pen. Meaning, writer. And that’s honestly my career of choice. If I could, I’d absolutely love to be published for real. Not just a blog that gets traffic here and there. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing on my blog but sometimes, it’s hard. It’s difficult being honest about my feelings and writing down my thoughts. I prefer writing fiction. I love letting my imagination run wild. Anything and everything is possible. It’s just the matter getting it all down on paper fast enough before I lose it. Being a scatterbrain sucks.

Even though I’d love to be a published writer, I’m afraid. I also have no finished book to publish or know how to publish, so… I’ll just keep writing. On my blog and on the books I’ve been working on, and maybe on day.

Click here to see some photos I took on my way to Savannah. Figured since my head’s always in the clouds, I might as well think a few photos of them. I thought the sight was stunning.

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