Strange Chronicle 2: 7

“Insanity is coasting through life in a miserable existence, when you have a caged lion locked inside and the key to release it.” Although he always denies it, it is obvious to everyone who knows him that he has a golden heart. But he has always denied it because he knows that his golden heart is not only a blessing, but also a curse. Growing up, daddy was rarely around. Mama was always at work. And big brothers and big sister were far away in their different colleges. He grew up in a lonely world. Don’t pity him though. He found peace in his lonely world. However, now that he’s grown, everyone wants him around. Even if he goes away, it shouldn’t be too far. Mama is scared of the terrible dangers of the world today. Papa needs someone around to support and pick up after his ageing self. But when is every one going to start caring about what the boy wants for himself? The boy cares so much about his family though. Why shouldn’t he? His culture and tradition was built on respect, especially for elders, afterall. He wasn’t made to be in one place though. He knows he is meant for something more than to just stay in one place. But all his life, he has never lived away from his family. He feels like the lion in him is being caged and there is nothing he can do about it for now. His plane wasn’t built to stay in the hanger. His boat wasn’t built to be ashore. The wings of his bird wasn’t structured to be on land. Just like pandora’s box, all he has at the moment is hope. Hope that he finds the courage and confidence to stand up to his people. Hope that he finds his way and be his true crazy self without having to worry about what his people will think or how it will affect them. Then maybe, maybe he will finally deem himself qualified for what society defines as a man.



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