Have you ever met someone that seems so perfect for you?

They’re everything you want in a partner and holy hell, do you want them. Everything feels so right with them and everything just comes so easily. Even if you don’t plan it or want it to happen, you start developing feelings for them. Feelings you know you can’t have because you know you can’t really explore them. The sad truth is that you can’t help who you fall for.

Yeah, that person might seem perfect for you. And hell, maybe they are (that’s not what we’re talking about today though). Just because they seem like they’re it for you, doesn’t make it true. I don’t know if I believe that there’s only one person for everyone. I’m not sure what I believe in the topic of love anymore. I’ve been very foot in and foot out when it comes to my love life.

Back to the topic at hand, sometimes you meet someone you just click with in every way possible. You’re similar in the way with think and behave. Your defenses are the same. You have similar ideas and aspirations. Everything is simple and flows easily between you that you can’t help but question where they’ve been all your life. You find someone that might be your soulmate, or at least that’s what it feels like. Let me say this very loud and very clear SOMETIMES WHAT YOU WANT, ISN’T WHAT YOU NEED. This person might be amazing to you. You can’t help but hope for more even knowing deep down that it won’t work.

I’ve always been blind to things I think I want. I’ve mentioned before about how quick I am to write things off when I like the idea of someone more than I like them. I think that’s part of it all. Romanticizing them because you want them so badly. Sometimes, you meet someone that seems is perfect for you. Even if they are, the timing might not be. That’s okay. It’s difficult and you know what? It even hurts like a bitch to let them go, but you have to at some point.

You absolutely can’t force things to work when they simply aren’t meant to. There’s no telling if that person will still be in your life but you have to miss a few good ones to find a great one. I’m still learning that patience and I’m trying to remember that things will work out however they’re supposed to. I need to learn to just accept things as they come and maybe some of you need the reminder as well.

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