Strange Chronicle 2: 8

Looking around me, it is incredible how many people are struggling with self confidence. Although there are people that gets self confidence mixed up with arrogance, there is a line between the two that can be easily crossed. Self confidence is generally synonymous with females but it’s incredible how many guys are also struggling with self confidence in our society nowadays. Makes you wonder if the world forgot the definition of confidence or there’s a new meaning to confidence that we don’t know about. The society plays a role too. If a man is arrogant, we tend to see it as confidence. But when a woman is being confident, we term it as arrogance. It is sad, really. A world in which a male specie is struggling with the idea of how he is seen as a “man”, and a female is struggling with the idea of how physical beauty brings a sense of validation. It’s no wonder the current generation still hides behind the “baby boomers” generation to rule us. Unfortunately, self worth isn’t something that is taught in school. It’s one of those things that life teaches. And yes, social media plays a role too. Self confidence is one thing. But at the end of the day, everyone have different issues they are dealing with. And it’s important to always check up on each other. But just because you are struggling with your own personal pains is no reason to be a pain to others around you. Personally, I am not afraid of saying that I struggle with speaking up sometimes. But that is something I am working on, I think. You never know the crazy situation people around you might be going through. Sometimes, a simple hello or a smile is enough to make a person’s day. We are all on this earth together. I have to admit that while it’s fun to be an asshole sometimes, it’s important that we try as much as possible support each others because that’s the point of us being here. Making the world a better place for people around us is pointless if we don’t have better people for the world around us.

Arigato, Stranger.

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