Strange Chronicle 3:1

No one is perfect. But we can all be better. One mistake that people normally make nowadays is to think that if someone has a different opinion to yours, that person is not a friend and can’t be trusted. Obviously, we all want a sort of familiarity with the people around us, but I believe that one of the main points of life is not only to share our similarities, but also to celebrate our differences. We all have different thoughts and ideas and we all view life from various perspectives. But then again, these various ideas and perspectives that a man regards as his truths were never his to begin with. Think about it, how do you know your mother is your mother? Unless you have a DNA test to prove it, you don’t really know if your mother is your mother, but you accepted the ideas that people repeatedly told you that this particular person is your mother and you assumed it as your truth. Obviously, independence is important, but at the same time, we all need each others to become our independent selves. In our culture today, if a person does or say something we don’t agree with, we are very quick to banish them out of our society. I am not saying that is wrong or right but sometimes, just because a person has different ideas to yours doesn’t mean they are a bad person. It just means that they see the world differently due to one reason or the other. So next time you go out and find yourself in a conversation with someone whose opinions and ideas are different to yours, be open minded. Maybe by understanding who the person is as a person, you might help to have a better understanding of why the person sees things differently the way they do. Many times, we need to look at things from each other’s perspectives in order to have good relationships. This is something that education has consistently taught us. Mathematics taught us that adding 6 and 4 would give you the same answer as adding 1 and 9. History has taught us about the different ways people have interacted with each other in order to gain something. Art has taught us about the different ways we can express ourselves as humans. Business has taught us about the different systems to boost one’s finances. In the same way that the body systems connect together in order to make the body function, we all need to connect with each other, especially in this modern age where everyone is always on their phones. Good or bad, each one of us is a reflection of the society around us. Remember, no one ever made it to the top by themselves, even Hitler.

Takk skal du ha, Stranger.

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