Strange Chronicle 3:2

It was a quiet chilly evening and I was going back home from school. It was getting quite dark. As I got down from the bus, I started walking straight towards the direction of where I live. Walking in front of me was a lady walking with her son, I suppose. The kid was so full of life because he was making jokes with his mom, I guess, and was laughing out so loud. Looking at him reminded me of my nieces and nephews, which warmed my heart for the moment. The memory warmed my heart until the woman apparently heard my footsteps and looked back at me. I am very sure I have never met this woman before in my entire life but immediately she saw me, she drew the kid closer to her and her demeanor changed to that of someone being cautious incase she might be attacked. I was in a hurry to get home because I was hungry. However, after seeing that the woman was uncomfortable with my presence, I decided to walk slower than I was walking earlier. However, it seemed like the woman was still uncomfortable. She kept turning her head to my direction to ensure that I was at a distance. It was obvious that the woman was still uncomfortable as her grip on the young boy tightened. I decided that I have had enough. “Maybe if I just walk past her and she sees that I am in front of her, all these shenanigans would stop”, I told myself. As soon as I increased my pace, the woman and her son also increased their paces. Almost at running paces now. At this point, I became really uncomfortable and crossed to the other side of the road. Although I could still feel her gaze looking towards my direction, it wasn’t as frequent and she seemed to be at ease than she was before I crossed. My house is on the initial side of the road I was on, so I crossed back to that side when I was in front of the house. As I was about to grab my keys and open the door, I couldn’t help but look at these two dark figures fade into the night as my mind wondered. I wondered what previous experience made her so extra cautious. I wish I could go to her and ask her what I could have done to make her feel comfortable but that would have made the situation even worse. I did everything I could do in order to make her feel comfortable, even though I didn’t have to. But I wondered if it were the things I could not change that made her so uncomfortable. I wondered if she would have been comfortable if I was a female…. or white. I found a solace in the thought that the woman was just trying to protect the little black boy and I might have been overthinking the situation. But then the solace provoked even more questions. I wondered how that little kid she was trying so hard to protect would feel when he grows up and he finally experiences the same thing I just did. I guess you can call it the big cycle of life. I guess it’s the way the world is. The world is so downhill that we humans are afraid of each others and we live in constant fear of what is to come. I wish there’s more love in the world and we start becoming more excited for what life would bring. But until then, I will keep hoping.

Dankie, Stranger.

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