Cabin Fever

Anyone quarantined might understand this feeling much more than they’d care to. For so many, life is pretty much on hold and we’re all anxiously waiting for the next news crossing all our damn fingers hoping it’s good news. It usually isn’t.

More cases of the virus, people still out and about because they treat it like a joke (they’re fucking stupid), some kind of racist bullshit Asian Americans, and because I live in Philly, there’s crime activity all the time. I saw a map of cases by zip code and it’s where all the damn crime happens that the virus cases are.

I. Am. Bored.

Usually, I can stay in the house for days on end with no issues. BUT, I could at least go buy snacks and whatever I want/need to prolong me holding up in my room, away from society and lack of humanity. But I can’t do that. We’re allowed to drive and go out to get food but, it’s much safer for me to just stay inside because I’m way too susceptible. Not only do I have a shitty immune system (thank you knee injury making me bedridden for 3 months), I also have hella allergies and asthma. If I could make money from the amount of times I blow my nose or sneeze, I’d probably be rich. And if I were rich, I could send someone to go buy me things. Sadly, I only have my mom. My mother who can’t read labels for shit and notorious, for always getting the wrong thing. Need unsalted butter? Here’s sweet cream cheese! Need coffee creamer? Here’s buttermilk! Without fail, that woman is buying the wrong thing.

I think I just walk, stand, sit, and lay in various areas of my house. Most of the time, I’m in my room though. My mother has taken over the living, made a nest of blankets and pillows on the recliner, and has eaten all the snacks. All the snacks. Including my snacks. My snacks that she doesn’t even like!

On the upside, I’m not deeply depressed. Well, eh, maybe. I haven’t had any motivation to do any school work so I end up doing them sometimes an hour before they’re due. But hey, they’re getting submitted. I haven’t retained anything in class. BUT, I am going to class. Webcam on and everything. I swear, I just sit there and text my friends that are also in the class. Awesome conversations though. Love that I’m still connected to them all even with the social distancing. It’s not the same of course. I miss actually putting effort into how I look and actually going out to meet people. ):

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