I. Am. Heated.

The state of the world is in chaos and that I can understand. I cannot stand for injustice. I don’t necessarily agree with the violence aspects, but people will do what they want and if they think looting and burning down the city they call home is the right thing to do, then fine. Do that and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t you dare say it’s in the name of justice when it’s your own selfishness that drove you to follow the violent crowd. Don’t get me wrong,I absolutely believe in an eye for an eye (depending on the situation of course). But burning and looting? What respond do you hope for?

Anyways, let me tell you why I’m heated. I’m heated because my mother is a racist, very ignorant woman that will continue to say shit in front of me KNOWING my stance. If you think for one second that you giving birth to me entitles you to my respect, you are wrong. I don’t give a fuck who you are or what you are to me, if you’re going to be hateful and racist, you can stay the fuck away from me. Mother included. I refuse to be associated with close-minded people that only know how to spew negativity.

I’m usually a pretty chill person. When people have different views, that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinions. But when I ask you nicely to not talk about your bullshit racist views in front of me and you continue to do so, I’m drawing the line and cutting you out. There is no second chance unless you truly change your views and how often does that actually happen? I have no respect or even an ounce of sympathy for people that do not think for themselves and close their minds off to the actual facts of the matter. People that believe everything they hear on one fucking news channels. It’s on the news so it must be true right? It’s not like there are other news channels with different views and values or anything. That’d be ridiculous. 😑

I understand that my mother grew up being taught to think and view things a certain way, but how can you continue going through life with the same bullshit you were taught. Especially when LITERALLY the entire world is not only telling you, but showing you that times have changed. Look at everything that’s been happening with the world and how differently it affects people. Now you have to form your own thoughts and opinions because it matters. It makes a difference. Even the smallest of thoughts can become something bigger when you’re with like minded people. And that’s what we need. We need people that want and will fight for equality. We’re all fucking human. So why does so much hate exist among us? I know I’ll never get a real answer because there truly is no answer. There is no justification for people to be racist. It’s the small minded people that see negative news about one person and judge the entire ethnicity for it.

America is tragic and we do it to ourselves. We seriously need to shape the fuck up and that truly starts with you. Speak up for the injustices you see, no matter how little “it may seem small and insignificant, but it’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can be become.” Just do what you can to help someone who is just like you. We may not be the same color, but we’re all human.

Please stay safe and stay strong, there will be better days. ❤️

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