They’re so important. I cannot stress this enough yet I’m always forgetting to capture the moment.

I was scrolling through my Instagram and it made me smile. I’ve constantly been feeling like I haven’t really done anything significant with my life and that I’ve barely lived. But seeing those photos of family, friends, and moments in time that I wanted to pause forever made me feel so much better.

It was a good reminder that life happens and it’s not always fun and games. In those photos, I saw my past selves and realized that I’ve grown so much. In every photo, I could recall the exact feeling I felt, where I was, who I was with, and what stage of my life I was at. Having grown so much as a person, I can also look back and just focus on that moments where I was happy and see the adversaries I struggle through as part of the stepping stones to become the person I am today.

I’m so bad at remembering to stop and take a photo. I’m a very live in the moment kind of person. Well, at least with certain people. It’s so true that you have the least pictures with friends you’re closest to. I genuinely enjoy the company of those people and don’t really think about my phone. I also used to hate being in photos (lack of love for myself as you all must know by now if you’re an regular reader here). As I get older, I understand better why parents take so many photos. Life happens in a blink of an eye even during the times it doesn’t seem like it. Anytime I’m facing some kind of stress or problem now, I try to keep in mind that in a few days/weeks/months, I’ll look back and it won’t matter. Those stresses and worries won’t be present or even close to relevant so why be so stressed out during that time (if that makes sense).

No real moral of the story here. Just take more pictures because they might not matter so much at the time but it’ll be really nice to look back at later on.