A Quiet World

In all my conscious years living in Philadelphia, I’ve never heard it so quiet. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about this virus but, oh my lord, it’s driving me insane.

I took my pup for a walk during the week and it felt so uncomfortable. There were barely any cars on the street, it was sunny with a nice breeze and there was nobody outside. Usually, there are annoying kids playing outside and there’s traffic of cars. Instead, there was just this quiet eeriness about it all. As dumb as it sounds, it felt like the world isn’t moving. Like we were stuck in this bubble. And that’s basically what’s happening right now. Understandably so though.

We’re all stuck in this indoors to keep safe from this virus that is absolutely serious (as most viruses are), but the level of panic is ridiculous. The media hasn’t helped in the slightest. All they’re doing is causing more panic by reporting half-truths. As soon as they hear of a case, they’re reporting it. Turns out it’s just the flu or allergies, there was even a case that was just a fucking hangover. I kid you not. They believed a man had coronavirus and it was just a fucking hangover. Yet people are still so ready to believe any and everything they’re told because they’re too damn lazy to search for truthful news sources.

Being indoors by choice is much different than being trapped inside because of something that you can contract. It doesn’t help that I’m trapped inside with my mother. The woman grates on my nerves like nobody else can and I can feel the depression creeping on me again. I don’t need that right now. It’s already so difficult trying to stay positive with the state of the world right now, being forced to be in the house with someone that won’t just leave you alone is fucking suffocating.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining. But I truly cannot help but say something. This quietness of the world is driving me insane. Finally digging myself out of self-doubt and depression only for the world to be in a state of panic and everyone is encouraged to stay home. Don’t even get me started on the racism. Yes, the virus came from China. But it’s not like the asked to be sick. What makes it even worse? Minorities attacking other minorities. Any person of color knows the bullshit racism their people have to deal with, why continue that chain of hate?

Please stay safe everyone, and please don’t let your cabin fever cloud your morals and judgment. It’s a virus. Take precautions, be hygienic, and fucking stay home so this virus can stop spreading. It truly does not matter if you think you don’t have it. Just act as if you do and isolate yourself as to not infect others. For once, do what’s best for others instead of just yourself.