Strange Chronicles 1:2

Crazy. That’s a word I often hear about. And no, I am not talking about the perverted, malicious type of crazy. I am talking about those ones who dare to be different and still be confident in themselves. I am talking of those ones who are crazy enough to stay off the sidewalks of life. Yes, I am talking of the ones who live outside the box of what society has confined them into. Few days ago, someone asked me what I think it would be like if the world runs out of “normal” people and we all become crazy. I replied that the world will never run out of normal people. As long as we have a society with religion and political systems, there will always be normal. One of the most important aspects of these systems is that they exist to basically lay down rules, consciously and unconsciously, that everyone must follow. A way through which messages of these system are passed across to the public is through fear. Fear is a powerful weapon to get the public. Fear is the weapon that Hitler used to kill the Jews. It is also the same weapon that makes sexual assault offenders feel like victims. Nowadays, everyone is tensed and scared of the unknown and how they look in front of others. So now, we all have to stay normal so as not to divert from other people’s ideal expectations of us. As long as we have religion and politics and societal rules, the world will never run out of normalcy. Normal will always be in abundance. Always in more abundance than crazy. That’s why crazy is rare. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that normal is bad; it’s good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately, this particular post isn’t for the normal ones who find joy in doing the same things everyday. No, this isn’t for the life-sized robots. Maybe the next post might be for you, who knows. I was told that no one ever changed the world by doing what the world asked of them. I am reaching out to the ones who are crazy enough to stand up when everyone else is comfortably sitting. This post is for those who are crazy enough to walk on the road less taken. I personally don’t want to live in a world in which crazy doesn’t exist. And if you are one of the few who feel alone on your crazy path in life, I want you to know that the world needs more of you. Stay crazy. Show the world how crazy you can be.



Strange Chronicles 1:1

Woops!! Another new writer.

Hello everyone.

I am Stranger and I am privileged to be a new writer on this blog. Unlike the last new writer, I am not a friend of the owner of this blog. You’re all probably curious to know how I became a new writer on this blog if we are not friends, right? You don’t really care? Oh okay. Maybe not. Something about myself. I am sure we have all been told at one point or the other not to trust a stranger. One fact about me though, which will be very relevant in all my future posts, is that even though I don’t drink, or smoke, or do drugs, I am a liar!! A pathological liar. I lie almost every-day. Sometimes, I find it incredible how much I lie and what I lie about. I don’t just lie to other people though, I lie to myself too, just to make myself happy. So if I were you, I wouldn’t believe every single thing Stranger says. I guess that justifies why you should never trust Stranger. So how would you know what is true and what isn’t? You, the reader, will get to choose what to believe and what not to believe. Maybe I am speaking from the figment of my imagination or I am speaking as a result of the deepest feeling in my heart, you decide. In the same way that there is good in bad and there is bad in the good, I think there are also lies in what we believe to be true, and there is a sort of truth in what we believe to be lies. This applies to even the generally accepted ideas like, for example, “water is wet”. Well, that is technically incorrect. Just because water makes other things wet doesn’t mean that water is wet. Because you make other people happy, does that mean that you are happy? My point is, it’s important to question everything. That is how growth happens. Don’t judge me though, “everybody lies”. Growing up, I was told that people believe lies for two reasons: either they want it to be true or they are afraid it might be true. If you feel disrespected by my lies, pls forgive my wrongs; I have just begun. Who knows? Maybe my lies might make me the future president of a powerful country. Until then, pls feel free to leave comments, questions or feedback. I will try as much as possible to post regularly on this blog. Once again, I am honored to be a writer on this blog and I can’t wait to see how this goes.