Strange Chronicle 3:5

So obviously, it has been a sensitive time in the world as of late. And just like everyone else, I have been thinking about it over and over again. This moment is like that moment every kid has to go through when they lose their innocence and finally realize that people can be full of shit. However, the only difference this time is that we knew people are full of shit all along, we just haven’t reached a tipping point yet……. Till now. But why now? I mean, I am sure we can all distinguish between right and wrong. However, we have seen and heard of these wrongs so many times but we have refused to address them as a society till now. Why now? I think the most important question right now should be about how we can move forward as a society. But I just can’t help but wonder, why now? History is literally happening right in front of us right now, and that doesn’t happen often. There are so many unprecedented things happening right now that is forcing people to really address the issue. We have all been hearing about the multiple killings and police brutalities and racial injustices for so long but finally, we are all addressing these issues in 2020. Why now? (by the way, remember when Australia had a wildfire and we all saw those cute images of baby koalas drinking water? That happened this year. Sounds like a million years ago right? I know, it’s crazy) First of all, tensions about the racial issues in America has been rising for so long because the minorities feel like they are being silenced despite being wronged. Then the pandemic hits. One thing coronavirus exposed is the deeply rooted racial disparity in health-care system because minorities were much more affected. No doubt about that. I think (I might be wrong) the most important moment that really served as the “loss of innocence” period was the Amy Cooper incident in central park. There has been incidents where Karens called 911 on other people in the past, but this one specifically hits different. The previous incidents could have been easily manipulated and you would hear people say “oh, maybe she didn’t know any better” but this particular incident is different. You have a white woman who was definitely in a clear frame of mind after someone told her to put her dog on a leash. However, she decided to publicly acknowledge her white privilege and make the man understand that she has something that he doesn’t, and she’s prepared to use that privilege to her advantage however way she could because she could. How? She decided to specifically tell the man, straight to his face, that she would tell the police that a “black man”, not just any “man” or anyone, was threatening her. Not only did she talk the talk, she also walked the walk because she believed that her man-made advantage would help her get away with it. She obviously understood what she was doing. It’s no coincidence that the next publicized racial incident after this event, George Floyd, was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s also no coincidence that the Breonna Taylor’s incident happened before the Amy Cooper incident but it gained bigger attention after the George Floyd incident. I think that’s also mainly because coronavirus has taken the distractions away. I don’t think we really understand how much we get so engaged in sport entertainment that we tend to forget the real issues at hand sometimes. With no sport and millions of people losing their jobs, we as a society are forced to address these issues because we have nothing else to turn to for distractions, especially since these racial injustices are all over social media and news outlets worldwide.
There are positives though. I don’t think I have ever seen the world come together to battle racial injustice as much as we are seeing right now. Obviously, we all know racism isn’t just an American thing but it gives a better hope for the future when you see people from so many different backgrounds, cultures, religion, age, and socioeconomic classes in the world come together. Thus far, 2020 has not been the best year for many people, except the top 1%, but if I should find a positive, it’s the fact that people are realizing the power of the common majority to make a difference. Maybe having the coronavirus happening all over the world has made people think that we are all in the same crazy situations together, and some things are not just limited to one part of the world. Or maybe not. It is never too late to make a difference. So pls, let us keep on giving our voices by standing up against racism, not just by posting black squares on instagram. Lastly, to anyone who might have lost a loved one during the epidemic, my condolences.