I never realized how important it was to be at the same maturity level as your partner until I looked at my best friend and wanted to smack him (I hope you read this and know that I wanna fucking smack you).

Surprisingly, it wasn’t something I thought too heavily about in my own relationships. Which is kind of weird because I had to grow up a lot faster than some people. And by grow up, I mean mature mentally. I think a part of me understood that some of the guys I dated weren’t at the maturity level I was at (and the other guys were just uninteresting).

More of those red flags we talked about before. Funny how they’re so fucking obvious in hindsight. Then again, I was a different person. Young, dumb, and unrealistic.

Anyways, maturity. Super important. Not even just in your romantic relationships. I’m a firm believer that the company you keep says a lot about you. Surrounding yourself with people that are mature in the sense that they’re constantly working on themselves and improving their life in whatever way that they do. It’s important that they’re always striving for something. I can’t believe that anybody really finds happiness in staying stagnant. It’s extremely frustrating and depressing to feel like you’re not doing anything for yourself. The current you and for your future self.

Despite wanting to smack my best friend, I absolutely support him and all his ventures in life and love. Even if I don’t agree with the choices he makes. At the end of the day, it’s his life and I can only support it or not. Not supporting someone is fucking stupid so that’s not really an option. His significant other (SO) right now is young, in age and mentality. She’s one of those eighteen-year-olds that think they’re adults now and obviously know it all. Wrong. Age means absolutely nothing when it comes to maturity. Something that seems to be her downfall time and time again. I hope things work out for his sake. He seems to really love her and I hope she can see that before it’s too late.

The biggest thing about maturity is that you never stop maturing. Just like you never stop learning, you never stop maturing. You don’t just turn eighteen and suddenly the meaning of life hits you. It’s constantly working on yourself and bettering your life. It’s striving for independence and happiness. It’s understanding that the meaning of life is whatever you make of your own.

Maturity (at least to me) is also really getting to know yourself and learning how to love yourself. As silly as it may seem to some people, it’s almost unbearable going through life not loving yourself. Looking in the mirror every day and hating the person you see. I said it before, and I’ll say it a billion times: Life is hard enough without you being mean to yourself all the fucking time.

So please grow the fuck up and love yourself more. ☺️

Maybe then some people will stop their bullshit negativity and hate.