Stop making yourself so available.

I cannot emphasize this enough. This extends to every person in your life. I get that it can be difficult, especially in dating. When you’re first getting to know someone, you want to spend a lot of your time with them and you end up planning things in your life around their schedule. That is not okay. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with someone. You as well as the person you’re spending a lot of your time with need to understand that you have separate lives to live that are both on different paths. Even if those paths are crossing each other for a short while or a long one.

The biggest downside about being available all the time is that people start expecting you to jump into action for them every single time. Then when you don’t, you’re made out to be a shitty friend or shitty whatever you are to them. It’s not okay. Everything you have going on in life is just as important as anyone. Try not to compare what you have on your plate to someone else’s. Fuck their plate. Yours is the only one you can carry. No matter how large or how small it is, the plate is still every bit as fragile (Did you like that analogy? I just came up with it as I was writing. Pretty damn impressed myself).

Some people have more flexible schedules and other don’t. Don’t get so hurt over that. I have a group chat with my closest girlfriends and not once have they gotten upset with me for being AWOL nor have I felt anything about them not being there. We could vent about having a shitty day or something happening and not one of us would be upset if we were just typing into an empty group chat. That’s because we all understand without having being told that we each will get to it when we get a chance. Not that there’s ever really a time where one of us isn’t around to reply.

Value your time and stop letting other’s waste it. Times is the only thing in the world that will never come back to you. Cherish it.